Maisha Mema Foundation

Who we are


Maisha Mema Foundation Tanzania envisions a future where rural, under-served communities have access to quality health care services based on respect and dignity towards improving livelihoods.

About Us

We work in partnership with community champions (health workers) to improve livelihoods of under-served communities through:

• Construction of affordable health facilities in underserved communities through which health care services is delivered
• Mobilization and Training of health workers in Identified locations in the country to enable quality, relevant and focused services both in Private and Public facilities
• Dissemination of health information to community members, schools, health centres/facilities, as a way of addressing key issues such as family planning, hygiene, dental care, etc
• Mobilization of professional voluntary health and community workers to serve in rural communities

Our Work

  1. Create access to fundamental health services through the establishment of the Maisha Mema dispensary facilities where we provide Examination, Laboratory investigations, Medical Treatment to patients, information about early warning signs, disease vaccinations, and emergency transportation to hospital and Labour services.
  2. Establish a sustainable Outreach Healthcare System for under-served communities that cannot access fundamental health care through
    (a) Funding referrals of emergency cases
    (b) Home-care services to vulnerable groups such as the aged, disabled and critically ill persons as well as
    (c) Mobile clinics for hard-to-reach rural areas where no access to medical services exists.
  3. Provide and facilitate Capacity Building of healthcare professionals and community members through trainings and awareness initiatives respectively on necessary skills needed towards disease prevention and treatment.
  4. To incorporate local available Technology and strategic partnerships towards better service provision.
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Life saving Operations
Villages Impacted
Medical Outreach Impact

Why Act

Our vision was born in the Region of Kibanga, Bukoba which is one of the most marginalized areas in Tanzania, with the majority of the population living without access to both electricity and clean water. The region also experiences widespread prevalence of waterborne diseases, Malaria and other infectious diseases.
The situation has been exacerbated by the fact that approximately 30% of the children have no access to education and that during every dry season, there is not enough food thereby affecting livelihoods. To date, there has been inconsistent public/social aid created towards mitigating the effects of preventable disease and improving livelihoods for the communities in the area.
Maisha Mema Foundation is working towards creating sustainable projects that can spur transformation in underserved communities such as Kibanga by mobilising a team of highly motivated young people from Tanzania, Switzerland and across the world who are striving towards empowering communities through strengthening of health care systems and service provision.

Our History

During a 2 month Volunteer program in 2013, the Founder Bettina Kuria travelled to Tanzania, which was the start of a friendship between her and her host, the family Rwizile. This same family invited her to work and live in their home region in Bukoba. Bettina followed this invitation and travelled back to Tanzania in 2014. With the support and help of Audax, a local person and under the umbrella of Rwizile family and friends Company Ltd., Bettina began conducting research and initiated an outreach program to serve needy patients at their homes. After a short time they would start to come and see her at her home, seeking medical help. In 2015, the Maisha Mema Foundation Tanzania was founded as an association in Switzerland. In 2016, the Association Maisha Mema Foundation Tanzania was founded as an association in Tanzania and legally recognized as a registered NGO in Tanzania. The dream of establishing a dispensary, to serve the community in a bigger way, was born.
The Area of Kibanga in Bukoba, is one of the regions with the highest Malaria Rates in whole Tanzania. This is caused by a swamp/river, starting in the area of Mbunda and flowing into Lake Victoria in Bukoba. Majority of people still live in simple mud-houses so that at night they are not protected from the deadly Mosquitos. Additionally, the Region faces a challenge of not having accessible safe drinking water. Waterborne diseases are daily seen, a minimum of hygiene is difficult. Through lack of education and knowledge is also the HIV- rate very high and sexual transmitted diseases often seen. Because of big poverty and no access to good health care, still children die daily on Malaria infections or elderlies on a simple flu.